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Technical Capacity Building Services:

Technical Capacity Building Services:
Energy projects require adequate technical capacity to develop and manage. However, communities and local developers lack technical expertise or resources to acquire it. Therefore, Skynotch Energy Africa Limited focuses in identifying projects with requisite bankability requirements and enhances their ability to teach financial close and eventually operate sustainably. The technical capacity building services include: –

  • -Feasibility studies
  • -Technology identification
  • -Procurement and contracting
  • -Operations and Maintenance

To achieve sustainability and bankability, Skynotch Energy Africa Limited supports development of a governance structure where stakeholders have commensurate reward for their value. We consider both commercial and social inputs when determining investment plans in every project. We also employ social equity in community stakeholder definition which is adequate to give them a voice in the project development and management.


Skynotch Energy Africa Limited has focuses on early stage investment into selected projects. This is to ensure financial close and built requisite internal capacity to raise funds; develop projects and ensure they are sustainable. We use a mix of financing tools including: –

  • -Development grants
  • -Convertible facilities
  • -Equity
  • -Debt
  • -Third party financing tools

Structuring of the funds is done based on the project size, governance structure and investment mix available. Investment readiness is critical for projects to achieve financial close and remain sustainable hence our provision of support for: –

  • -Transaction Advisory
  • -Investor Matchmaking
  • -Financing options selection.

Our understanding of the project development and investment enables us to easily navigate the dynamics of energy projects while ensuring there is sound social equity for the energy resource support systems.

our pillars

Sustainable Investment

Sustainable Investment

focuses on impact investment.

Quality Technology & Technology Transfer

Quality Technology & Technology Transfer

ensuring that we have the right technologies for the project. Capitalizing on local personnel to oversee the project actualization through capacity building.

Community Development

Community Development

by making the community owners of the project.

Renewable Energy Technologies

Skynotch Energy Africa Limited focuses on Solar, wind and Hydro power technologies for energy generation. Hybrid technologies are employed only on smaller projects where the project sponsors would like to develop projects for internal use